Anti-intrusion floating barriers

Anti-intrusion floating barriers are bespoke barrier systems for support, mooring, navigation, demarcation and navy base restricted areas in all marine environments, from inland waterways to offshore applications.

The anti-intrusion floating barrier can be put into service with many possible configurations such as:

  • quick anchoring on quay, dikes or dead body
  • fixation with tidal monitoring on quay, pile or slide
  • openable section to allow the passage of more or less important boats
  • intermediate mooring buoy to delimit a specific area

There are three different anti-intusion floating barrriers to respond to a level of potential risks:

  • Light barrier, visual deterrent, consisting of OD 600 x 2000 mm floats
  • Semi-heavy boom, anti-intrusive, consisting of floats OD 1000 x 2500 mm
  • Heavy barrier, anti-intrusive blocking, consisting of spherical floats OD 1500 mm equipped with submerged and emerged protection accessories
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