Surface Buoyancy

Exploration of sea resources and development of both renewables & marine traffic are generating more & more equipments requiring buoyancy properties.

Without being exhaustive, here below are the most common applications:

  • FPSO towing & mooring installation,with chain support buoys,
  • Hopper Suction dredger with pipe floats and bow coupling float,
  • LIDAR buoys (or weather buoys) to real time marine monitoring & information system,
  • Anti-intrusion barrier to prevent from any potential risk,
  • Marker buoys for navigation aids,
  • Mooring buoys to anchor vessel during offshore operation,
  • Pick-up buoys linked to a mooring line,
  • Submarine ballast buoy measurement,
  • Aquaculture buoys,
  • and Power buoy or charging buoy to reduce hybrid vessel gas emissions while at sea.

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