Wind farm support vessel foam filled fenders

WFSV are dedicated to transport maintenance team to offshore wind farms. Its maximum capacity is 12 persons with the possibility of carrying light cargo parcels on the offshore fields. WFSV needs to meet high requirements such as:

  • Light, high speed and comfortable for personnel
  • Highly manoeuvrable boats with good sea keeping capabilities
  • Reliable, facing potential difficult sea conditions
  • Manoeuvrability & station keeping characteristics make it perfect vessel for boat landing operation

Foam filled fender is highly recommended, being the best compromise between weight and capacity of absorbing shocks generated by berthing.The bow fender usually suits the wind turbine boat landing.

With our innovative solution, the WFSV is protected by foam filled fender coated with polyurethan with an additional protection calls NibraPAD© against shock generated during boat landing. It is fixed and built in on the foam filled fender, tightened with cargo straps.

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